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Young Footballers on Bench


About Alex Greenfield the Rigby Free Soccer Club founder

My name is Alex Greenfield. I live in Rexburg with my wife and our three adorable itsy-bitsy girls, ages eight, five, and three. I started late in life with marriage and children, and I turned 51 years old last year. But I would not have it any other way. I feel better than I ever have and count my blessings regularly.

I've been teaching for over 25 years. (Wow, that makes me feel seriously old!). I am from New York City. I graduated from Colgate University in 1993. I'm currently the department head for Special Education at Farnsworth Middle School, an adjunct professor at BYU-I, am in a doctoral program, and own a martial arts dojo ( So, if there is one challenge I particularly have right now, it is time management. It absolutely beats being bored, however!

The best aspect of my job(s) is getting to see the smiles and laughter of amazing students who are sometimes overlooked by the world. I love these kids in a way like I love my own kids. It is not easy, but as Boyd K Packer said, “Life was never meant to be easy.”

I started Rigby Free Soccer at RMS five years ago after two guidance counselor friends (Kim Azbil and Devvin Johnson) gave me the idea. We noticed that certain demographics were underperforming academically and thought that if we motivated them with a sport they love, they might achieve more.

I told the students if they passed their classes, they could be a part of the team. We still try to mandate that students are passing all classes to participate.. It seems to be working, and last year the statistics indicated that students who participated in the program had better attendance!

We started out with five students five years ago, and last year had about 200 registrations. The policy has remained the same: no family will ever be asked to pay for their children to participate. We survive on volunteerism and fundraising. Our annual budget is about $6,000. All the funds we raise go directly to the students via coaches, referees, and t-shirts. There are no administrative expenditures, salaries, etc.

If you feel so inclined, we would love the program to continue, so gladly accept any donations offered. You can find the donation button on our home page and at the top of every page.

Thank you for allowing your kids to participate, and for cheering them on so lovingly. What a great community we have! I want to make sure that this experience exceeds your expectations, so please contact me anytime with advice!


About Coach Josh Burris
About Coach Brennen Liddicoet
About Coach Nicholas Patching

My name is Josh Burris. I am a student at Brigham Young University Idaho studying communications. I have played soccer my entire life. I have a passion for coaching and helping others learn more about the beautiful game. 


Hi, my name is Brennen Liddicoet. I am 23 years old and a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho as a Recreation Management major. I have been playing soccer my whole life and have played all every position, but I specialize in and play goalkeeper competitively.


My name is Nicholas Patching. I’m currently in my second year at BYUI studying Sports & Rec management. I plan to go into the sports agency business and help athletes make their dreams come true. I was a 4 year varsity starter and played high level select and premier level soccer for 6 years.

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